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HOLISTIC THERAPY - Homeopathy, Bioidentical Hormon Theraphy, Heart intelligence method - FOR CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS AND ADULTS IN THE ODENWALD

Welcome in the naturopathic practice Odenwald! What is health? What is disease? These questions have always been of burning interest to me and have led me to my profession. As a complementary and alternative Practitioner, I have enjoyed accompanying people on their journey since 1995. Accompanying these individual, diverse life paths inspires me every day. Through my profession, I learn every day, develop myself further and remain open to new perspectives and change. I work with the healing principle of homeopathy, bioidentical hormone therapy and the heart intelligence method. Please feel free to contact me at any time for an information session or if you have any questions call me at 06255 - 5290 828 or -5290 829.

Homeopathy - holistic, alternative Medicine
A Therapy for acute and chronic Diseases

The healing principle of homeopathy is a holistic, alternative medicine and can be a complementary or alternative therapy method for physical illnesses as well as emotional or psychological complaints. 


It is one of the most popular therapeutic methods in Germany. As a gentle healing principle, it is equally suitable for children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Almost all illnesses can experience healing impulses and lasting effectiveness through homeopathy, as proven by the ever-increasing number of scientific studies.


For example, for infections, migraines, stress, burn-out, allergies, exhaustion, pain syndromes, back pain, neurodermatitis, eating disorders, hormonal complaints, sleep disorders, menopausal complaints, pregnancy and childbirth, developmental disorders, and much more!


I am certified by the SHZ - the nationwide central certification institute for homeopaths, which stands for a very high standard of training and obliges homeopaths to undergo ongoing training and further education. This gives you as a patient the assurance that you are receiving competent treatment for your complaints.

Homeopathy - alternative and complementary
Homeopathy - suitable for the whole Family
HRV (heart rate variability), Stress & Resilienz
Simple, everyday strategies to combat Stress

80% of all diseases arise from stress. Did you know that your heart has an incredible, unique intelligence? Or that it has a significant influence on our perception, our emotional experiences and our higher mental processes? The heart has its own nervous system - referred to by science as 'the little brain in the heart' - which sends a lot of information to the brain, influencing our feelings, thoughts and perceptions. In fact, the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.


HRV (heart rate variability) is a measure of normally occurring changes in heart rate between two heartbeats. HRV reflects heart-brain communication and the dynamics in the autonomic nervous system and thus self-regulating abilities, adaptability, resilience and general resilience. HRV is the subject of intensive research and is a strong independent indicator of health problems.


Learn simple, proven and scientifically based strategies to overcome the emotional burden of stress and cultivate inner balance and resilience. With the simple techniques of the Heart Intelligence Method for everyday life, you will be able to master life's challenges with more ease.

HRV (heart rate variability) and Stress
80% of all diseases arise from stress
Hormones unbalanced - we are unbalanced
Bioidentical Hormones are important Messengers

Hormones are vital messenger substances that are largely responsible for the balance of many processes in our body in a very fine interplay, like a mobile. If this sensitive interplay of hormones gets out of balance, we are out of balance. This can have far-reaching physical and psychological effects e.g. on metabolism, energy consumption, vitality, sexuality, and mental well-being. Functional and organic diseases as well as emotional and mental complaints can develop.


Alternative therapy with body-identical, bioidentical hormones can help to gently bring the hormone system back into balance. 


Bioidentical hormones - the terms "body-identical" or "nature-identical" hormones are also used synonymously - mean that a hormone has the identical chemical structure to the hormone that the human body produces itself, in contrast to artificial, synthetic hormone substitutes such as the contraceptive pill. This means that bioidentical hormones fit exactly into the hormonal cycle of the body.


An intervention in the overall hormonal structure should always be carried out with high sensitivity.  

Hormones & physical and psychological effects
In balance in every phase of life

For me, working homeopathically, with bioidentical hormones or with the heart-intelligence method - of course always in compliance with the duty of care and generally recognized professional standards - in no way means rejecting conventional medical procedures across the board. Necessary medication is not discontinued, other necessary measures are not delayed, conventional medical examination results and laboratory values help me with clinical orientation and as progression parameters. Please feel free to contact me at any time for an information session or if you have any questions call me at 06255 - 5290 828 or 5290 829.